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Found 4 results

  1. I have some images uploaded, but not yet keyworded, from this outdoor installation in Boston: https://www.rosekennedygreenway.org/public-art/currently-greenway/glow/ I am hesitating putting them on sale because I'm not sure if these are considered works of art that should only be submitted in wider context. One other photographer has images of these signs available on alamy. He has them marked royalty free, and NOT as property--but I wonder about that since the exhibition states they are on loan from the people who own them. That sounds like property to me.
  2. Starting again after my first attempt froze with me trying to put in a link to a Flickr album, and a third time after last year in numbers was identified as a spam word!! I have been a contributor for a long time, but have always had signed model releases whenever recognisable people were in the images. I have photographed the Manchester edition of the World Naked Bike Ride in 2015 and last year. There are lots of, what I think are, great shots telling the story of a historically interesting event. Naturally, there is lots of nudity. The shots were taken of people in public places by me also in public places. They have proved to be very popular on Flickr, as you can imagine! My question is, could these images be sold as stock?
  3. A 34m high 'puppet' has been passing through Cornwall over last 2 weeks. Yesterday it was in Penzance and one of my photos has been requested for a CD cover. The picture is essentially just a head-and-shoulders of it. I will be giving my picture freely to the Royal Geographic Society of Cornwall as a cover image for their CD. Will it's use be a breach of copyright?
  4. Hello everyone, newbie questions, so please be kind. I have just passed initial QC for "grown-up" Alamy (have some Stockimo images) and am now going through the process of keywording, etc those first 4 little images I have a question - well, two really, about property releases: 1. I have a set of images taken of the facades of 100+ year old buildings. All the photos are taken from a public street, and none of them show people or other copyright items such as logos, etc. From what I know or have researched, the architects of these buildings died well over 70 years ago so therefore copyright in the buildings would not subsist (if it ever did which is a whole other debate about whether in fact photos of a building can be the subject of copyright as opposed to the original building drawings...but I digress). Anyway, what is Alamy's general approach to whether these need releases or not? I have read the guidelines but I have submitted the same images to some of the micro sites as commercial with mixed results: most have not required releases, while some have. (Even more frustratingly, some images of the same facade of the same building have been treated differently by the same agency). So the guidelines, while helpful, don't give a feel as to how the rules are applied in practice. What is the experience of others with regard to photos of this type? I was proposing to put them forward as RF, but is the prudent course to classify them as RM? 2. This leads to the second question: the contributors agreement says that the images must have a licence that is consistent with how the images are being licensed on other sites, but if there is no consistency on other sites, then what do I do?! (Also, as a general question, I am assuming that in practice this means that if images are listed as 'editorial' on micro sites, this is the equivalent of RM here?) 3. Just thought of a third question: I read in some forums that if images are RM on Alamy, they can't be sold on other sites, but that's not how I read the contributor agreement which expressly states that the images are supplied on a non-exclusive basis. And the section regarding consistent licensing between sites seems to confirm this. Perhaps what I was reading was old information? In short, if images are made available on Alamy as RM (because need to be editorial because no releases), can I still leave them on other micro-sites? (Clearly different story if they are RM-Exclusive but won't have any in that category). Sorry for the long post, but I find this one of the most baffling aspects of the whole process. Thoughts?
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