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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, can anyone please tell me how I can change a pseudonym description? Thanks. Kevin
  2. If i read well every pseudonym has own rank.. I want to focus of course just one. My name is Trained Pet Photos and i work with animals usually but what if i want to upload about vintage objects or about children. What customers think if they find an image about a child from TrainedPets? hehe..... But specific pseudonym can be also good because it can bring some unexpected clicks from curious customers? What should I do? Change all my pictures with an irrelevant pseudonym if i want everything in one place or use two or more pseudonyms? What is your opinion It's better to use more or wors
  3. Hola! I've been adding photos like a mad woman the last couple of weeks and am up to 46 in my collection with many more to come. And I think I've figured out search terms as 5 photos have shown up in views! Hurray for small victories! I'm curious, do many of you post keywords in two languages? Currently, the vast majority of my photos are from Ecuador as that is my current home. Since Quito was once again selected as one of the top tour destinations in South America (and the world), I hope to capture some of the increased interested in travel and tourism to this beautiful country. It
  4. Seems like there has to be a better way for Alamy and its contributors to find copyright infringements. Like many of you, I use Google's reverse image search to try and track down where my Alamy photos have been used. Though I often find plenty of results, they very rarely credit me, either by my name or my Alamy pseudonyms. Though Alamy is often the credit line, it is not at all uncommon to find that somebody else is- presumably another third party stock agency. And with each search, I seem to open a new can of worms that takes me hours to follow up. As examples, I go to my "zooms" for th
  5. Hi Alamy, Just noticed an unintended consequence of the new changes to the searchability of pseudonyms which means more work for us! I'm sure this was an oversight.... Manage Images no longer allows us to look at our collections using a pseudonym and keyword combination. It has always allowed us to see: A) everything under one pseudonym (by using the dropdown selector); or B)everything under one keyword by typing the keyword (or a phrase) in the search box; or C) by typing the pseudonym and keyword into the search box we could see all images of that keyword within a given pseudony
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