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Found 6 results

  1. I'm fairly new to Alamy and was wondering how I could see all my images on Alamy. And if I have done anything wrong, because when I search for my pseudonym only 87 pictures come up when I have 300 for sale.
  2. number of incorrect images in the profile Good morning everyone, some time ago I corrected some images for what it refers to the pseudonym. I have grouped all the photos under the same pseudonym. Now, however, the number of images has not changed. The images to which I changed the pseudonym do not add up to the total of my images. Here in the forum as in the portfolio it reads that I have 4905 images while in reality they are about 5040 (as shown in Alamy Image Manager). Do you know the reason? In addition, I ask you to confirm that the shooting location does not work when I index the images. I remember at the beginning that I started with the name of the place and the program went fishing for the place. Here in Italy, in Trentino, we are telecommuting ... from home! Thanks to all of you and a clear Monday (sorry for the translation ....) lorenza
  3. Good morning everyone Is there a way of creating a list (including your image refs and my own image refs) of images under a certain pseudonym in my account? Say in Excel format. Your help will be very much appreciated. Sung
  4. I inadvertently entered a pseudonym thinking it was something else about the subject of the image I was submitting. Later, I realized the actual function of the “pseudonym” was regarding the contributing photographer and attempted to delete the pseudonym I had created in several different ways, even using the method described in the PDF instructions, to no avail. The false pseudonym prevails. I thought of deleting the image with which the pseudonym is associated but would rather not go through the process of resubmitting an image. Is there a way to delete the pseudonym? Gary Schimelfenig
  5. A little discussed topic (or maybe I missed it). I have little experience and I ask those who have been collaborating with Alamy for many years, what importance it is to have more pseudonyms. I ask that influence has the pseudonym in the sale of the photos. Currently I have only one ... help me understand! Thank you!!! lorenza, by Italy
  6. Why use a pseudonym as a opposed to your real name? I can see certain cases where you may not want your real name associated with your stock, or secondary images. Or if maybe you are a Rabbi, but spend your spare time photographing canned ham. Or maybe if you don't want your real name coming up in web searches. But other than that, why not just use your real name? I currently just use my real name, but have noticed that many other photographers use one or multiple pseudonyms.
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