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Found 2 results

  1. Soon enough I get a unique opportunity to shoot a huge air-show near my place. I have absolutely no prior experience in any such photo-coverage. All suggestions welcome. Wanna shoot both stills & videos (shall have an assistant at hand). For hardware I have Nikon D800e (x2), a Nikon D7100, and a Sony RX10_iii. For all the DLRs I have full range of glass from about 15mm (rectilinear) till 300/2.8 prime. Also have a TC14EII, though would like to avoid using it. Monopod & tripods are available too. Would like to shoot the stationed planes (some close-ups too), fly-pasts, air force personnel, and the thronging spectators too. Thanks in advance. Kumar, India
  2. Hi Alamy, here's a suggestion. Now you have your own "infringements team" how about an effective way to report the multiple infringements that are caused by your own sloppy accounting procedures? We spent a few hours putting together spreadsheets for the Infringements Team yesterday showing multiple infringements (commercial and newspaper) of our Alamy images and sent it to infringements@alamy.com. I asked if this was the correct procedure to report new infringements (of which we find many each and every time we look). I received no acknowledgement whatsoever. Today, I chased with MS to see if it had been received and the contents of our email logged. In reply I'm sent a stupid little form I have to fill in for EACH infringement providing information that's already available to you. And I have to provide "screengrabs" or scans every time. ALL these infringements are online and the hyperlinks were provided in the email I sent. Why do you need a screengrab when the infringement is live on the internet? Moreover, given the returns when chasing infringements via you (as we're now obliged to do after the contract change) do you really think we have time to screengrab EACH infringing page for the multiple times your Newspaper clients use our images and "forget" to self bill? Then we wait to see a wonderful $5 Gross pop into the account and like the 20 or so Newspaper sales we currently have reported form January, wait SIX MONTHS from them to "clear"? This is a business, not a hobby. Time is money. How about you devise a more efficient way for these constant bulk infringements to be reported.
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