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  1. Presentation / Newsletter

    Alamy, please allow us to set restrictions for Presentation/Newsletter on our images. Thank you.
  2. Presentations galore

    Has anyone else noticed an influx of Presentation licenses? I've had 5 so far this month, not entirely credible. I am not opted out of PU, so I don't really understand why I'm getting those. Sorry if I'm cynical. I'm also getting more and more low 'Website, social media, blogs excluding advertisement' type of license. Anyone else for these too? On a positive note, I also got two good sales for marketing package this month. Gen
  3. I've been contacted by a scientist who would like to use one of my 'images' to illustrate the 'danger' concept', of using gene expression results uncritically in a diagnostic context in a presentation to a group of molecular pathologists. He is interested in using my picture of the robot, from Lost in Space, saying Danger Will Robinson, Danger! He has asked me what the licenceing cost should be for its use in a presentation. I should explain that this is a digitised drawing, not a photograph. I've posted a link so you can see the picture, its not on Alamy, as I don't think its quite their sort of thing I've no idea what I should charge? Any advice would be appreciated! Cheers John G.