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Found 4 results

  1. Sorry, another plant ID! All taken in May in Croatia and growing wild by a stony track. First 2 about 12- 18 inches tall. Some sort of Bugloss? Last one ground cover, about 3-4 inches tall. Any help greatly appreciated! John.
  2. Hi guys, looking for help from @John Richmond or another one of you plant geniuses. I took this photo of what I'm thinking are rose bushes they are a reddish pink with white centers so maybe not roses? Though the buds and the shape of the opening flowers certainly look like roses to me, as opposed to say some sort of peony. Taken in the spring in Annapolis, Maryland, USA, (on the grounds of the Naval Academy I believe). Any help you can provide much appreciated. Thanks! It will be 2AED59H when it goes on sale. I just added a tentative caption.
  3. Can anyone ID this plant growing in a UK botanical garden? Thanks Steven
  4. This plant looks like a tree or a shrub. It was taller than me. Found in a public botanical park in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. I spent hours yesterday trying to track this down and can't find anything that comes close. I thought maybe Oregon Grape, but the leaf margins are too smooth, the Grape is serrated. I doubt this is a native plant to Oklahoma since the whole object of this park is to have plants from anywhere that can fit into our weather constraints. I sure wish you plant-knowledgable people could give me a direction to take. I've exhausted the Oklahoma sites, I've dropped the image into a plant ID website, I've tried keywords like arching, berries, shrub, tree, and such. As you see, the limbs aren't upright but are arching or fall in a downward way. Betty https://www.dropbox.com/s/24xmfrr5bm7jt46/_ALI1952.tif?dl=0
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