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Found 5 results

  1. When looking through the many picture needs, I notice that some needs are old and very old. I cannot imagine that the searched images are still wanted. Because there are so many images mentioned it would be advisable to clean it once in a while.
  2. When I have images that match something in the Picture Needs list, is there any special tagging I should be doing to the images if I upload them to indicate that these images are for these specific picture needs? How does a subject get on the “picture needs” list? i.e. is it just when someone searches this particular term and few or no search results appear (and then it winds up on the list)? I wonder if just because something is on the list, it may not actually be a need that you could fulfill because the client looking for it has no way of knowing that you have relevant content. Also, it may not be a well-searched subject, so might not be worth the trouble to upload images after seeing it on the list. How much attention, time, effort should I place on submitting based on “what should I shoot” rather than uploading my own content (of which I have plenty!)?? For example, taken from the list: “2 identical bowls of salsa, one with tabasco 2 identical bowls full of salsa, but showing a bottle of tabasco being” - how long does this stay on the list, and how would a client know when new content is uploaded for this need? Basically I want to know how much attention I should give to the Picture Needs list....and how effective it is if I DO submit images that are relevant to this list, how does the client know that new images have been submitted? (PS- More questions to come, as I am in the early stages of preparing myself to return to stock photography!) Much thanks in advance!
  3. Just started assessing this as a possible useful source for images either in my files or to consider for future shoots. I selected a couple of possibilities, however, when trying to re-locate my choices to revise them, there is no quick way to get to my selections, i.e. no link on the "pic needs covered by you". Probably find them eventually by scrolling down through the entire options list which is not very convenient and time consuming (I gave up on that being faced with over 4 thousand options!). The search field didn't help either. Any suggestions?
  4. We want to start pumping out more picture needs and gaps within our collection. How would you prefer to be told about these? Please answer the poll. Thanks Alamy
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