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Found 5 results

  1. I've been using the free photo editor that comes with Canon and I love it. I can do very simple and subtle edits like lens correction and colour/contrast stuff. It's pretty powerful and easy to use for what it does do and was great for getting started. But come the new year, I want to learn more about editing. I can't see doing extreme editing except as fun exercise. My goals for photography are three: 1. to companion my writing (which has more editing than a forum post) 2. to create a passive income with stock 3. to capture the world that I see so I can share it with others I never learned how to use Adobe and the more I learn about lightroom and photoshop, the more I feel it isn't for me. There are lots of reasons. One of the reasons is the first software someone learns tends to govern what they think is "intuitive to use". I want to try other kinds before finally deciding if Adobe is for me so I can get used to non-intuitive tools first. What are your favourite raw editing programs? I want something that I can look at many photos and do quick edits like I do now, but also some more advanced edits like spot removal, clone, burn and the thing that is the opposite of burn which I can't remember the name. I want to make lines not keystoned and have easy trick for horizontal horizon. I also want to put keywords in the photo instead of doing them all after I upload. I imagine if I keyword the photo file then I can search my personal library for these words when I want to find the photo. Maybe I imagine wrong? Later on - maybe 2021 - I want to learn about making three exposures into one (has three letters, to expand dynamic range in a picture) and other neat things to do. But mostly this year I'm still focusing on learning how to make the best in-camera photos (I want good ingredients) and slowly learning editing (I learn better with deep understanding so slow is my speed). There are a lot of programs to choose. Some are free. Some cost money. I don't mind paying money if the program is good, but I would like it better to pay once instead of every month. But, I also don't know enough to know what words I am looking for when choosing a software. I'm thinking of Capture One, but I wonder if this will do what I want? It's hard to know where to begin until after you've already started then hindsight always shows you should have started elsewhere. (I only have windows 10 pc. Canon mirrorless shooting raw) Please forgive my spelling and such, I can't seem to make grammarly plugin work with this form and extreme dyslexia means my regular spellcheck goes on vacation for "the program cannot detect what language this is written in so spellcheck is disabled" or some reason.
  2. Hi. Someone can answer my question? I know this is my second one of this month 😌! I just wonder if the photos of food should be cut out or not. ( ex. the following ones) I don't think it's good idea to put both of them.( too confusing for customers and too much number) Most of the time, the surrounding of the object aren't nice, too messy or whatever.( of course I could've get rid of plates next to them as a possibility) Normally buyers have to cut out, am I right? Young
  3. Hello everybody. I found that some photographers sold nice Photo montage ( Photo with collages). And I’d like to sell photo montage, too. Can you give me some advice for photo montage? I also have questions about it like the following: -Do I have to think about a copy space? -Are there some very important keywords? ( like “photo montage” “ collage “ “imaginary “ “ Imagination “?) -Should It be story telling or some kind of surprising photo like surrealism? -Can I make them a little bit transparent or shouldn’t? (It looks nice in my opinion) Have a nice sunday 😺
  4. Hi Community ... I am trying to find a photo editing software that is easy to use, produces high quality images, and does not require a monthly user fee (like the newest versions of Photoshop & Lightbox). I know Adobe Photoshop and Lightbox are the industry standard and produce exceptional results, I find them difficult and timely to use, and I do not always get the results I want. I like how easy Microsoft Photo Editor works, even though it is limited, but it compacts the image too much. I am also using an older version of Lightbox 5.7.1 64 bit, but it no longer imports RAW files for newer camera models and I am using a Canon T6s and the new Canon D5 Mark IV. I am very reluctant to buy the online version of Photoshop because I don't believe the $10 a month fee will stay that low for long and once enough people are purchasing the online version the cost will go up significantly. So, here is my discussion topic. What stand-alone software would you recommend for post production, that produces high quality images, does not compact the file size too much, and is easy to use (like MIcrosoft Photo Editor or Google Picasa)? I also would like to find a software that allows me to import one image at a time, instead of batching photos; and preserves the original image without overwriting edits. It would be nice if it also imported Canon RAW files for editing (right now I import in Canon's Digital Photo Professional, then edit in either Lightbox or for non-stock images Microsoft Photo Editor). Let the discussion begin ... Thanks. Kristi Kisler
  5. So here I sit, staring at the screen of the new MacBook Pro that arrived last night, facing the decision I've dreaded--whether to sign up for Creative Cloud or switch. I've used Photoshop and Lightroom for many years, I like them plus they do everything I need and more. However I hate the idea of a monthly payment. What are my other options? So far I'm considering: Purchase the new Lightroom 6 but can it be installed standalone? Go with Lightroom 5.5 but I worry there may be compatibility issues with my Sony A7ii raw files. Purchase CS6 standalone but its very expensive and Adobe is going to stop supporting it very soon so then it will presumably become glitchy without updates. Buy Adobe Elements and do without many of my favorite features. Buy Corel and settle for less than the best. DXOptic Pro - I know nothing about it and it sounds like Lightroom is better for about the same price. Other? If I go with the Adobe CC what can I do to reduce the monthly cost, are there coupons or discounts available? Should I buy an old version of Photoshop to use for upgrading? Also, I use Topaz plugins a lot and would miss them. I'm open to suggestions...
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