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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, I am a contributor at Alamy and I have a question about my account. I recently started shooting in the studio with models and I want to upload this photos (with Model Releases). Since my current account is comprised mainly from landscape photos, should I create a new account for people photos? If I upload people photos to this account will it affect my sales potential in any way ? Thanks !
  2. Hi. I would like to know if I can upload my travel photography as editorial as it has many people and buildings featured which would need releases (impossible to get on many occasions) if submitted as commercial? I'm wondering if travel publications source their images sometimes from editorial sections of stock sites like Alamy. I have hundreds of images that are dying to get out there! Thanks.
  3. 1131. Using a simple search “person”, I have 1131 images with that tag. How many do you have? Nice to give one an idea whether one should concentrate on including more people in one’s shoots. Or not. Betty
  4. Hello Everyone, Many thanks again for voting for my image in the July Challenge, I'm chuffed! Well, it's August...holiday time just about everywhere. So I thought I'd go for the glaringly obvious one: ON THE BEACH. I'm hoping this is a fairly 'democratic' subject as most of us will have been on a beach at some point or another, whether it's on a classic postcard of an exotic holiday in warm climates, a wild and stormy landscape shot, or a temporary sand pitch 'city beach' in an urban environment. So - go crazy! Anything goes from dreamy palm-fringed fantasi
  5. Dear all, Quick question - many photos, in the National Press of the exteriors of buildings, seem to feature blurry people using a slow shutter speed technique. Is this the best way to include people in a photo where you don't have permissions? Do photos of the general public sell, if you don't have permissions, or is it not worth taking a photo of someone you don't have permissions for? Thanks in advance. :-)
  6. Hello! So i asked this same question on my Introductions post, but I think it deserves it's own thread. I could use some more clarification on what exactly does Alamy do, if you upload a picture with people in it (Without Signed Releases). Do they put it into a different classification which makes it less attractive for potential customers to purchase? Are companies simply not going to look at photos, unless they indicate that every person has signed a release waiver? I guess my question comes down to this. If I want to successfully sell my work on Alamy, should steer clear of uploadin
  7. Hi, I am new to Alamy and confused by the following matter: My photographs are mostly cityscapes, which frequently include people. However, in many cases those people are perfectly unrecognizable and I used to submit such images to microstocks as Royalty Free, providing they do not show any copyrighted content, etc. I have an archive of such images with already remowed signage, etc. When attributing such images I must specify "how many people are in this image" and the according explanation, which pops up if clicking the "people" link looks to be extremely strict and states that one shoul
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