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  1. I have an opportunity to do product photography. This gentleman will have virtually a thousand or more pieces of jewelry for me to shoot, so it could be potentially lucrative for me. It's somebody I know (my dentist) who is going to have a sideline. He will provide busts for the jewelry, but I need to come up with a light tent. I've thought about going the cheap route and building my own...one guy got a cardboard box and spray painted it white, used a white foam board reflector. He had holes cut in the sides, and it sounds rather horrible to me. I've decided against that. I don't want to have to store a taped together box all put together. No place for it. I'm looking at the EZCube, 30" model, for items up to 24". Cost: $90. I can get a smooth white backdrop for it for $19. What I have read is it is best not to use strobes, even my SB800s, but use a continuous light source. I saw some lights that looked like desk lamps with 50 watt bulbs provided, but that doesn't seem like nearly strong enough light that will be shot through thin sides of the tent, directed toward the back wall. So for sure I need two lights, one for each side of the tent, and I read that ideally it is nice to have a taller one suspended over the top and directed toward the back wall of the tent. This is all new territory for me. I do need at least the 30" box because the jewelry he is making is over the top, large, Liberache (sp) type ostentatious jewelry, for people and for animals. He is buying antique type jewelry to tear apart and make new designs. I will also be photographing dogs wearing the jewelry, but that's another thing to figure out. Right now, I need to get what I need for the light tent. Do any of you use light tents for product photography? Can you direct me in light setups that don't cost several hundreds of dollars? (or pounds). I need to figure this out in the next week and order what I need. This tent can come in very handy for me to use to shoot items for stock, also, I can't wait! Any recommendations? Betty
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