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  1. My sales on Alamy this year have been nought short of abysmal. So much so, that I am even considering joining the controversial UK Newspaper Scheme. I can't help but feel that here at Alamy, sales are far too dependent upon rank - which is highly reliant upon sales. Get into a negative spiral and you will never be found again. The BHZ game sees me 'ranked' higher than ever before, yet my CTR is trash. It seems that Alamy's random (?) 'tweaks' to their search algorithms mean that it is pointless making changes to keywords based upon search results, as that changes with time? I am in agreement with Jill Morgan in her assessment that regular uploading contributes to rank (I've said as much myself before), but it seems to me that regular sales are by far the most important factor. In any case the uploading issue is another downward spiral - the fewer sales you have with one agent, the less inclined you are to upload - and so it goes. To that end - and considering that I am lousy at following up on unlicensed usage of images - should I join the NS? Is it worth the hassle and the gripes of lousy sales returns in order to build up CTR. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that many who have had a good half year are in the NS? Am I getting panicky (doubtless!)? Am I overly concerned about current sales (should I just ride this wave for a few months)? Will NS prove to be a low return option without the uptick in CTR - and therefore further, higher value sales - that I presume? More rant and desperation than owt else, but I would appreciate your valued opinions. Ta...!
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