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Found 4 results

  1. Like other contributors, I've been stunned to see some of my RM images getting sold for microstock rates since January '21 -- multiple travel images from Puerto Vallarta going for 25 cents a piece (before income taxes of 30%, dear Alamy), which is not what I ever realized was possible when I signed up for the "Novel Use" scheme in 2016 (and by the way the American usage of "scheme" fits here). I'm not happy with the explanation Alamy has provided (how great it is that they can find all these extra ways to license our images outside of their existing model), and I'm really concerned I can't OPT OUT of it until next April?! After all, it's May 2021. I never saw rates this low until recently, and it sounds like the same for others in the forums. If Alamy recently allowed this new all-time low on RM images, I think we should not have to wait 11 months to opt out. If I wanted to sell microstock, I would not be primarily RM and exclusive with Alamy. Can Alamy please reconsider allowing these lowball rates on our images, or at least let us opt out before next April?
  2. Just a reminder, I've just realised it's April, so I can opt out of Novel Use along with anyone else, (even though I didn't realise I'd signed up). I'm also in "Distribution" and "Image Options" I know distribution can be low, but has anyone any positive experiences, or any Territories or Countries that would be advisable to definitely opt out of. Image Options hasn't affected me yet, but Alamy says they will e-meil about this, so again if anyone has any advice on this for the rest of us, please let us know? ChrisC
  3. I used to be very active on the (old) Alamy forums and back in 2008 we had many discussions about "Novel Use". At the time and the way the markets were going I decided it wasn't for me. Stock photography is not such a significant part of my photography business these days and so it is time to revisit options. What is the current thinking on "Novel Use" - I notice that 70% of contributors have signed up to it? Do you see any significant benefit from doing so? The 30% who have opted out - why have you remained out of the scheme? For me, back in 2008, I felt that "Novel Use" undermined the value of the images and the work involved in creating them. Today, my stock imagery is something I create "on the back" of other things so any income from it is a bonus so I am wondering about opting in. So what's the general feeling about Novel Use these days? Ian.
  4. Country: WorldwideUsage: Novel Use deal, Magazine, print and online, single use, any size inside, 250,000 circulation, UK, Magazine, print and online, single use, any size inside, 250,000 circulation, UK Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronicIndustry sector: Government (local, regional, national)Print run: up to 250,000Image Size: Any size Fee: very small (I did that bit) Firstly I thought Novel Use was dead. Secondly, when it did exist I was under the impression it was for odd individual licenses that didn't cover normal uses - eg magazines with 1/4 million circulation
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