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Found 4 results

  1. Hello guys, I just wanted to ask those with RF only images who started on Alamy in the last 12 month if and when did they have a first sale? I started roughly 8 months ago and still no sale. I have 133 images with good or optimized discoverability and 1542 images with poor discoverability. All the images are fully keyworded. I was hoping for some sale to show me that it is not a work in vain to optimize the rest of my photos but it did not happen so I will probably not bother with the rest. Just wanted to ask around to see if this is not normal and that my images are probably not interesting for Alamy customers. I also had like 12 zooms only in those 8 months so that probably confirms it. Any thoughts are welcome.
  2. I rarely sell anything on Alamy and would love it if anyone more experienced in these matters could help me look at the following: I have 449 images on sale. - I've built up my images over the years, so subject matter (and probably quality of image and quality of usefulness to buyers) is variable. But is it really so wide of the mark? - Recently I overhauled most of my keywords on every image. Are they now good enough? I suspect not. - Do I need more images to make a difference? - Or just better images? - My CTR has always been low 0.11. (Although last month was 0.54, after finishing keywording changes.) What should I been aiming for and how do I get there? - In spite of being a photographer, having had images on Alamy for years and having microstock on other sites, I still don't have the faintest idea what, if any, of my images should be Rights Managed. Everything recent has simply been put on as RF, as I "thought" that would lead to more likelihood of sales. My username is Philip Dickson (There is a variant username with "Colours" which I have used for some model shots) I'd very much appreciate a critique of my Alamy presentation as all my best efforts, including many hours spent re-keywording recently have yielded no return. Thanks, Phil
  3. I am just wondering if anybody else has noticed a drop in views and sales lately? Maybe it's just me?
  4. Hey everyone, I'm new to Alamy and have about 45 images available for sale as of today. I joined alamy about 4 weeks ago but have not had any zooms much less sales. Most of my photos are related to travel. I'm stuck in a rut and need some advice from the vets here at Alamy. Any advice on quality of photos, marketability, etc. are greatly appreciated. Stock photography by Kelley Stanley at Alamy Thanks! Kelley Stanley
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