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  1. Interesting discussion in favourite photos about using night mode on Sony MX100 but only able to save out to JPEG. Matt If you want to use RAW, set any camera, not only Sony, to highest ISO, high speed continuous shooting, in RAW, but not in night mode. Shoot 5 or more RAW shots holding camera as steady as possible. Take RAW series shots into image processing software and do the usual image adjustments. Same adjustment to each image. This is the reason to shoot RAW as the Sony in camera method does not give you this custom adjustment option. Go to latest edition of PhotoshopCC and create an image stack from the adjusted RAW using the script (File > Scripts > Load Files into Stack). Set up the script to select the images and then aline them. You will end up with a photoshop file with one smart layer that contains a stack of all of your alined images. Set the smart layer image stack to "Mean" The noise will disappear. Render the smart layer. Save the photoshop file as a TIFF. You now have all of the noisy Raw shots and a noise free TIFF. Make an Alamy JPEG from your TIFF Your Sony camera is doing all of the photoshop work automatically, and then outputting a JPEG. This way you have the option to adjust the RAW images first and then output a noise free TIFF, and also retain all of the noisy RAW files if you want to. Here is an explanation on the Adobe site, but IT IS OUT OF DATE !!!