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  1. I'm a new member of the contributor community, and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with all of you. Prior to submitting my first images, and to that end, I have read the instructions entitled "Failed Image Reasons." Doing so has raised some questions in my mind, which are as follows (referencing the Failed Image Reasons sections by name):Poor Exposure - In general, I can understand the requirement for having the black and white points "pinned" at 0 and 255, but wonder if this is a bit restrictive when it comes to artistic expression. I think specifically of cases where a dar
  2. I am really posting this for the benefit of newbies or others with relatively few images on Alamy. I have only a relatively small number of Alamy images. Today it amused me the I have six zooms (which is as low as it has been for me for quite a while) and six sales in the last month; none of the zooms are the sales. Odd how things work sometimes. Perhaps some of this months zooms will be next months sales.
  3. Dear Members, I am Fahd from Abu Dhabi, I am only expat not an Arab... I have seen lot of seniors critiquing new members (requested critique) on their portfolios and guide them accordingly. I am wondering if someone might critique mine and say some harsh words to direct me. I know it is too early to ask for critique as I only have couple of hundred pics and same number if views with only 3 zooms so far and no sale... By the way I just joined a month ago.
  4. Hello! I just started uploading photos and want to say Hi! I'm new here and would love and appreciate any tips or feedback. I have seen experienced members critiquing new members on their portfolios to help guide them accordingly. I am wondering if someone might critique mine and be so kind to direct me on the right path. I'll start reading the forums too, but if anyone has any words of wisdom, newbie mistakes to avoid, I'd love to hear it. Thank you so much!!!, Felicia
  5. Hello everyone, just want to say hi and to introduce myself to the crowd. I'm from Serbia, from town called Pirot. I recently joined your comunity. I'm an amateur photographer and like most of you I'm in love with it. I like shooting landscapes like you can see from my photos so far, plus my location has a lot to offer in this area. I'm also mad about astronomy and astrophotography. I'll be uploading some of those soon as well. Anyways, nice to meet you all. And ofc, I'm looking forward to learn some new tricks from you, to get to know you better, and to make some money together :-
  6. I just joined Alamy last month and have been very busy uploading images so thought it was time to stop by and say hello to everyone and try out this discussions page. Not expectantly I haven't made a sale yet but these are early days and my portfolio is still building. Any suggestions or advice on the way ahead would be appreciated. Already having a problem with this post, tried to add an image but 'My Media' only has an attachment section so help please, how do I add an image?, can't find any guidance on the searches.
  7. I am a 18 year old hobbyist photographer from India. I am new to Alamy & still in a process of building my Alamy profile to make sales. I have read all of Alamy's rules & regulations before coming here but still have a doubt if I am really doing things the right way. I would be glad if some professional photographers with experience in stock photography would just check out my photos & point out the mistakes (if any) in keywording or other departments. Since I have just begun and have a meagre 80 images for sale I thought this is the right time to rectify my mistakes after consulti
  8. I am a brand new contributor to Alamy, I just passed the QC test! Alamy are the first stock photo agency I trying to sell my images to. So I have few very basic questions about Alamy services. I am a professional photographer and my passion is to photograph people and do travel photography. I have about 500 photographs of people mostly from India, Cuba and Eastern Europe (Romania) that I can put on this site. At the moment I am in Los Angles so I can do some landmark touristy photos from here. I also have to some erotic/abstract nude photographs. Being new to stock photo agency, my questio
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