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  1. New contract clause 4.11.

    Alamy are going to have to explain 4.11 of the new contract pretty darn quick. Specifically it now says: caption ... does not include ... any personal details from which a living person can be identified. Guess the Live News service ends in a few weeks. Or have their lawyers not understood the journalistic exemptions of GDPR? Over to you Alamy ...
  2. Ambiguous new contract clause 4.11

    So my new contract wording popped in a few minutes ago: Already I've noticed: "4.11 Any information supplied for display with any Image, including captions, keywords, Pseudonyms, agency names and descriptions only includes information that is pertaining to the specific Image itself, and does not include contact details, web addresses, Uniform Resource Locator’s (URL’s), copyright and rights management information or any personal details from which a living person can be identified." Which I'm sure they don't intend to mean we can't name whichever well-known person is the subject of our images. However, that is what it says. Their intention must be made more clear in the writty.