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  1. Hi there, I've sold 3 images so far this year. One of them I sold twice as a royalty free image at 4 MB and 1 MB. The other one rights managed, worldwide for 5 years, personal use. On the price list it says that they should have been sold for £140.00, £60.00 and £9.99 respectively. I received instead for them $6.03, $6.23 and $9.77 respectively. When asked, Alamy told me that different clients have different deals, promotions and discount. Far enough, but from £140 to $6.03 (not even pounds, but dollars) and from £60 to $6.23, the discount is what? Over 90% ? And on top of that there is the 50% commission. So I'm left with $3. And it seems to be happening all the time now... Is this right? Am I missing something here (apart from the money)? Can anybody explain? Many thanks in advance.
  2. Hello I'm curious i'm gonna ask question How much photographer can make for a month what is the lowest and how much is the highest income,I am single mom and because i am sad to leave my kid to the baby sitter,if i can make like $500 to 700 a month i will focus on here.I do have an interview at a A&w restaurant that i applied and let say the income for fulltime is $1200 and my baby sitter is $950 she make money than i do and i stay away from my child i make nothing so if i can make better here?please help me
  3. Cleared Funds

    Why does it take so long to clear funds. Almost 9 months for 3- $150.00 sales
  4. How to make big sales?

    I see a lot of people talking about have sold a picture for $100, $200 and so on. I was wondering, how can I sale my pictures for more then only $0,90?
  5. Let me share with you this case to know what you think. more than three months ago, Alamy asked me for one of its distributors one of my photos at a larger size. I did shipping, everything was right but now, nearly four months later, I have not received any notification about my photography and its possible sale. What is your opinion?. Thank you.
  6. Alamy Listens

    Hi, Some guys like to put Alamy down becuase of the posting program, new things, bugs and all.(And if your really hate it that much, make a new one and send it to them!)But they have been resposive to my questions. Here's an example. I emailed Alamy about the money only being in euros and asked if there could be USD as well. I went to sleep; woke up in the morning and logged onto Alamy. Lo and behold there was USD money kind on the pictures! Bye, Jacob Y.
  7. How to improve sales?

    Hello, I am kinda new here and these qustions might sound dumb, but I'm kinda discourged no ones bought my photos. Maybe you guy would have some suggestions to help me make some. Is this a kind of deal where you spend money to make money? What keywording companies do you use? Is rights managed a good option? Thanks, Jacob Y.
  8. Nothing sold yet?!

    Greetings forum This is my first post and also small question. I don't know what I m doing wrong but I haven't sold anything yet.I am very patient and I am contributor for almost two years at Alamy but still nothing happens.I have tagged all may pictures and having occasionally views but hardly any sale. Is this a bad luck or my portfolio really sucks?
  9. When do I get paid

    Hi I've made about £170 on Alamo but I can't seem to find where I can withdraw my funds, any suggestions? Many thanks