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Found 12 results

  1. Hello everyone, This is my first time posting. As a former editorial art director, I have conceived and commissioned numerous celebrity shoots that photographers profited from handsomely by reselling as stock. Indeed, photographers accept low editorial rates based on one-time first reproduction rights precisely for the opportunity to draw revenue from said images in perpetuity. Publications essentially subsidize sessions through celebrity access and production costs, which all accrue to the benefit of the photographer. In recent years I transitioned to photography and have had several successful sessions shooting actors and athletes. Only recently has it occurred to me to offer the images as editorial, rights-managed for resale. The sessions are neither red-carpet photo-opps or paparazzi. They were formal sittings with crews, published in a U.S. magazine. While my copyright ownership is clear, the question is whether offering the images for sale as editorial stock requires a release from the celebrity. I welcome all insights.
  2. Hey All – I’m considering using some model releases for the very first time. However, I, myself would be extremely reluctant to sign a model release if someone asked me to, because I fear my image(s) could show up somewhere portraying me in a not-so-favorable way, because the original photo has been manipulated in some way. What can I say to a potential model if that individual had similar concerns when I ask him/her to sign a release? How could I put their mind at ease? Thx, Tom
  3. Hi, I am new in Alamy. I am a fashion photographer for more than 20 years. I don’t have a model release from any of my models. And it is hard to find the model specially after years. Can I use these photos? If yes which way can I upload them. thank you Constantino
  4. Hello, Maybe this has been asked before but I'm researching now for hours and can't find an answer, so hopefully someone can point me to a good article or describe it with some rules to follow. The basics are clear but I still struggle for some pictures where it is not "exactly" clear if a property or model release is needed to sell it for commercial (maybe also for editorial). Here a few examples: a) Picture of a street, no person is really dominant in the picture but it is possible to identify the person (let's say you see more then 50% of the face) b) same situation as a) in the backround there is a car which could be identified as an BMW, Mercedes, etc. would I need a property release (I understand that property can also be a logo, brand/trademark, etc) c) Picture of a building (temple, church, tower, castle,...) from the streedt can be always used for editorial and for commercial if it is not protected by some other rules, correct? d) If I leave the street and enter a ground which is still open to the public (say there is no gate no entry fee, etc) can I still sell for editorial and commercial? e) If I enter a location where there is a gate/entry fee (park, castle, ...) can I sell for editorial without a propery release? f) Reading Alamy resources I got the following impression: I can offer a picture as editorial & commercial and if I state that I do NOT have a model/property release the customer can decide if he takes the picture or not (since there are different rules in different countries), so decision and risk are at the customer side, is this true? I hope someone can give some guidance with a few simple rules to follow. Thx, Andreas.
  5. Q1. When shooting 'editorial' in a public space with only a limited number of people, is there a financial advantage in getting a model release for each individual, if it is practical to do so? Q2. Is there a consensus of opinion re including facial features in editorial as opposed to not including them. i.e. do back of head/ rear end shots fare better in terms of sales than those with identifying photos? Thx 🙂
  6. If you post a photo of someone's pet cat, are you supposed to have a model release for it? It's not a person but would it be considered recognisable property?
  7. I have some people I've been shooting for years and never gotten them to sign a release. they have agreed to allow me to sell these images as stock. Can I get them to sign one release that covers all shoots for a given person? Or can I put on one release several shoot dates? Thanks!
  8. Hello, I'm having trouble finding the place to upload model releases. In my dashboard under "Releases" on the top menu there are only previously uploaded releases showing in the window that pops up when I click it and no option to add a release. If I click on the image to edit it, the only option in the boxes to the right of the image is "assign existing release" but again, no option to add a new release... there doesn't seem to be any place to load new release.. anyone else having trouble? David
  9. Hi - did a quick search on the forums for this, but nothing should up recently so here goes. Do you have any recommendations on an IOS app for model releases, also any comments on their suitability vs a piece of paper. I've googled and found a few, but just wondered what the "panel" thought ? regards SImon
  10. Anyone else having trouble assigning model release in AIM? Normally the list drops down. Has this changed? "Assign existing release" is greyed out and Releases with arrow does not show the list. Thanks, Kathy
  11. Hello! I'm starting in the photography business and I need some guidance when it comes to model and property releases. Do I need a property release every time I photograph a building, a monument or another public or private institution, if I want to sell that photograph? Is it necessary to talk to the owner, the manager or the administrator to sign the property release? And what if there are many recognizable people in the picture, Do I need a model release for each person in the picture?
  12. I have some old medium format images taken 30 years ago as a student that I think still have merit. Random street folk and other people who will probably died as they were old then. Some groups of kids on the streets etc. I have no way of tracking them down so can I submit here as editorial having no model release ? Thanks.
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