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Found 3 results

  1. Hello there, My name is Sam Brown. I''m based in the metro DC area. Though a longtime "contributor" I have not shot anything for submission in many years. Now that retirement from the corporate photography profession is nearing, the plan is to focus more on shooting stock imagery. During this period of transition there will be a lot of research, including frequent visits to this forum. Thanks in advance for your insights and suggestions. BTW, I would appreciate hearing from those shooting with medium format digital cameras.
  2. Hello Gang. I am soon to be in possession of a Yashica Mat 124g . I want to shoot in colour, but I am not sure which film to buy. I'm a beginner, so will be having it processed in a lab - I'm in London, is there a decent place to take my film to be developed? Many thanks - cant wait to get started. DJ
  3. Hello All. I haven't posted in here for a good while (been busy creating content for Alamy!) Still no purchases yet, but that's not really a problem for me. I have a question regarding medium format cameras. I have lately been taking a lot of pictures of architecture or other inanimate objects that I can spend a lot of time setting up. I am using my trusty Sony RX100M3 (kindly recommended to me by Mark Chapman who then patiently walked me through how to get the best out if it) for these and I'm happy with the results. However ... I cant get away from thinking that a larger sensor would do my images better justice. And as for the pictures I refer to (where I can take my time to configure) I was pondering that with a larger sensor, why not go for a medium format camera to increase pixel size and dynamic range? My budget isn't unlimited however, so if my thinking above is justified (open to suggestions!) then the next question would be, What second hand options are there for me? I am an absolute beginner when it comes to understanding medium format, but working with the Sony's 1 inch sensor I think my pictures deserve a better image quality. (To all the RX100 fans out there, I adore my little Sony and it is the perfect camera for many things....but with my new interest I cant help thinking I need a different camera). Thank you, David.
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