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  1. been awhile

    just wondered , its been a while registered and upload my images on alamy but seem there is no movement yet on my dashboard.i mean have no image sold so far.on other site according to my experiences images sold fast and not throw a stone on me or try to bully now teaching how to tag or display my images.i think i know enoguh how to accomplish my task , but alamy did not give me any confidence so far although being on one of the image market leader site
  2. I have started a Facebook group for wider discussion of stock and photography business: Professional Stock Photographers as a closed FB group so you will have to request membership but if I know you or you have the credentials I will accept your request asap. I appreciate FB may not be the best format or indeed suit everybody but it has worked for a similar writers group and requires minimal administration (which is where a lot of groups have failed in the past). Judging by the take up I seem to have identified a real need. I am a member of a FB writers' group (now with 340+ members) that spun off from a content publishing site when we needed to discuss matters that were inappropriate on a public forum associated with our publisher. It has turned into a very useful, positive and supportive group that needs no moderation - everyone acts like grown-ups. I hope this group will do the same for photographers. It would be particularly useful to discuss the wider stock and photography market as it seems to be changing (again!) and for us to keep in touch with online friends and colleagues as they move on to other things. It would certainly not replace these Alamy forums or be a place to bitch about Alamy; it should be about the bigger picture, wider opportunities and mutual support generally - the sort of advice we already give and receive by email but in a shared environment.