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Found 8 results

  1. I wanted to send a link to a particular set of my images by email, so I used Advanced search, Search by contributor name, and Search terms. Once the set was on my screen, I copied the link, highlighted a phrase in my MS Word text, put in the hyperlink, copied the letter and pasted it into my email software and sent the email with a copy to myself. Then, when I opened my copy, the link went to all my images, not just the selected set. Next I tried putting in the link after the email text was open in the email software. That didn't work either. I must be missing something. What is th
  2. I understand that you can set up a Lightbox and put images in that and then send a link to clients. However, I can't seem to find how to find my photos uploaded today to news. They never seem to be available when I search in my name, only older uploads. Any advice gratefully received, as I need to send a link to a client of todays uploaded images. Many thanks, Mike
  3. Good afternoon from cloudy New Jersey. Can anyone tell me the benefit or cons of linking Alamy to my web site? I just don't think the benefit would be to me. I think it would be to Alamy's advantage. Please guide me here. Thanks, Gail
  4. I was wondering if you can put a link of your website or block anywhere when you upload stock images. Would be nice to promote yourself as well as the image that you are putting for sale
  5. I am new to Alamy, and I find it a little difficult to quicklly link onto my "Images On Sale". Could someone please explain the specifics as to how I could best link directly onto my "MyAlamy" Images For Sale? How do I get the link to cut and paste to show others so they can come to my page of images on sale and view them? How do I easily go to my image myself?
  6. Hi In forum My Profil, My Settings -> Edit Signature section, How do you insert a picture and add a link to the picture? Thanks Sung
  7. Hi A few days ago, someone put the link to the old forum. Of course, I should have made a note of it, but now I can't find the post. Can anyone help me please? Sung
  8. Hi folks, what is the link to see my own portfolio on Alamy? Thanks in advance.
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