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Found 3 results

  1. I realize I'm starting to see the dawn with my legacy images. I have from June 2013 to May 2014 left. It's been a big job, but I've fixed captions, and chosen supertags. Deleted run-on grouped tags, entered them separately. There were lots of images that were messed up royally in the transition to AIM. For several years, I did separate tags with commas. Those moved over well. Except the ones with quotes, they were messed up. And who knows why tags in the old Comprehensive Field were grouped together. How many of you are working on the old stuff? Right now, I'm brain dead from several hours of working on them. Betty P.S. I want Philippe here! I want him to make a comment about how this work is beyond him with all of those images. Philippe COME BACK!
  2. Most of you regulars have seen my posts about how hard I’m working on my legacy images. I’ve really been pounding them hard recently. I was ill for weeks in July, then again recently. I am just now recovering. Since I couldn’t go out and shoot, I had more time to work on my legacy images. For instance, I put in about 3 hours last evening. I just checked, and it appears all I have left to do is 5 months of uploads from 2008. Then I’ll make a run through everything to be sure I didn’t miss any. This will be like taking an elephant off my back once done. Wish I could then throw a party and supply all with your favorite libation. I’ll have a Mai Tai or three, (or Margueritas) and slide under the table with a silly grin on my face. I should have it wrapped up before 2018. One thing I’ve noticed. The farther back I go into the early years, the worse my keywording and captions were. I really didn’t much understand what I was doing! I’ve done so many palm/face plants that my nose looks like I’ve been 3 rounds with a prize fighter. Fixing those have given me the greatest satisfaction, because it’s like I’ve rescued them from the bin and put them into circulation. Whether I make more sales from all the work, who knows. Even if I don’t, it’s still worth it to me because those images are now right with the world. A job well-done. And I always get satisfaction from that. Betty
  3. Reading the thread about updating legacy images got me curious. Does anyone make time to fill in the "Number of People" on legacy images? Do you think it helps? I have a touch of the OCD so I've been updating my legacy images by filling in all the data boxes when I have time to kill. Just curious,
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