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  1. If you want an insight into the thinking of EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) on the possible nature of the legal and regulatory environment relating to using drones, commercially and recreationally, in the UK and Europe over the next few years, have a read of this: No 01-2018.pdf km
  2. Yesterday I attended a seminar on copyright organised by one of our professional organisations here in Holland. An interesting recent decision by a court came up in passing. For the Nederlandstaligen under you this blog explains it in detail: The gist of it is that a stock library sued for misappropriation of one of their images. An image of a temperature gauge in a car. The judgement was that copyright law rests on the work having an original character and carrying the personal "stamp" of the photographers knowledge. In this case it was judged that the image was (my words) too simple to carry the personal stamp of the photographer. In the presentation yesterday it was mentioned that another judge may have judged differently, if it went to appeal the decision could be reversed. The blog too argues that there are obvious choices made in producing the image, even though we aren;t talking about high art. However it sets a precendence about how courts are interpreting copyright laws with regard "simple" images. Interpretations which could have consequences.
  3. Legal Issues

    hi, i am also new to alamy and i have some questions about legal issues. As all we know we can upload any image to alamy if it passes qc and we are free to choose between RM and RF or we can answer whatever we like to "is this image requires property release" question. No one cares. Ok well my question is if i choose wrong answer what will happen? For example if i choose there is no one in that image (totally mistakenly) BUT there are some people on that image whose responsibility is that or if i choose that image does not require property release BUT again it actually does what happen? There are lots of images in alamy which other agencies do not allow to upload even RM or editorial like Universal Studios interior. I could not decide what to upload because actually i dont want to be sued because i dont know a place requires property release or not. People in alamy do not care too much about this issue but it is a serious matter.