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  1. One of the hings I keep toying with is, because I'm fed up with Windows PC's changing and other issues, is changing from PC to MAC, but of course the prices have rocketed and they are all changing to SSD's at the same time & USB is disappearing fast. Most fast PC's are also doing the same with SSD's and going up in price, so going back a year or so I was hoping to get a Apple refurb Mac Book Pro for around £500, but of course the newer models are double (plus in a lot of cases). But as I'm using Windows 7, I don't want to go to 10, or 11 or 12, but the Mac prices are scary, even refurbished. Apple seem to be making it easier to pay monthly,'s a lot of money Has anyone migrated and found it was ok? Or was it majorly problematic? Bearing in mind not only do I have my photos on external hard drives, like most other people I have various Word, Excel files etc and also use Outlook for my e-mail on my laptop along with other stuff, but I can't wait too much longer, as my laptop will die soon! Any successful or non successful converts out there? Thanks Chris
  2. I was wondering what people's experience is with IPS vs non-IPS screens with laptops ... I'm currently researching a new laptop. It will not be my main computer; it will only be used on aeroplanes, trains, in hotels, at relatives' houses etc, so budget is finite, which means compromises. Top contender at the moment (MSI GE40) has nice specs but not great reviews about the screen - it doesn't cover all of the sRGB colour space, never mind Adobe RGB - but that seems common in laptops in this price range. But I won't be doing much Alamy editing - perhaps checking for sharpness and selecting. The main photo editing is likely to be old scanned family photos. I would imagine that lack of colour gamut can be compensated for to some extent by keeping an eye on the histogram to ensure clipping is avoided ... My biggest annoyance with laptops is that they bog down very quickly - just a few browser tabs open is enough to make my current laptop (i5, 4GB RAM) slow down way beyond the frustration level - so I want to put some money into decent performance. Any thoughts on this? Is limited gamut and non-IPS a deal breaker for a secondary computer? Or do people cope quite well with this limitation? Another mad thought is to save several hundred dollars on even the MSI machine and just go with a Toshiba L50 and upgrade it to 16GB: standard i5 processor, but only 1366x768 screen which might be annoying.