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Found 2 results

  1. I would suggest that Alamy make a start at translating their english website into multiple languages. Parts are in German but only parts. Alamy is an english speaking UK company dealing internationally with both clients and photographers, some of whose first language is not english. This means that the subtleties of english language instruction from Alamy are lost for some clients and photographers. Lost on those clients and photographers who only speak english as a second language, or not at all. I see confusion on the Forum because of the english only Alamy photographers instructions. In Toronto the language of commerce is mainly english. However 46% of Toronto residents speak a language other than english at home. Bank branches in Toronto do their business mainly in english, but post multilingual signs saying in multiple languages “We can also serve you in the following languages” This phrase is translated into multiple languages depending on the staff language abilities in that particular branch. Hospitals do the same thing, whenever possible. We all know that bankers everywhere are a flinty hearted bunch, so the posting of multilingual signs, and dealing in multiple languages, must make economic sense beyond good public relations. For further clarity I am not talking about translating keywords, but the simpler process of translating the instruction pages for both clients and photographers.
  2. Hello, May I suggest the possibility of having this great option called "My Alamy Homepage" (contributor's own website) published on the net in other languages, not only in English. For example, my case. I live in Spain. If I publish "My Alamy Homepage" in English, the possible buyer will be soon discouraged from buying as he goes through the purchase process, especially in the "Image Use" dropdown menu option. Not very many Spanish speaking people understand or read English at this level. Having "My Alamy Homepage" in Spanish would surely help to boost sales. I know that translating a website is a lot of work, but has Alamy thought of the positive side? Thanks for reading. Marcos.
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