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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All, I'm trying to upload high quality JPEGs of my images, but I keep getting a message that my JPEGs are too small. I'm saving tiff files of around 25mb (uncompressed) as the highest quality JPEGs and they're coming out at around 2.2mb, but still I'm getting the message that they're too small. Any idea of how to fix this?
  2. In another thread Julie Edwards commented "If you are using Live News, Picture desks will not be happy with files over 5MB.. Most press photographers send files in that are between (just under) 1MB and 2MB.." This is something that I give regular thought to, what is the optimum file size for live news that will also possibly later sell as stock? A friend of mine who unfortunately passed away earlier this year used work shifts for Newsquest shooting sport. I know he used to upload quite small files, far smaller files than I do, and shoot jpeg, while I shoot 14 bit RAW. He had a brief based upon how his photo's would be used, we don't know what a potential clients precise use will be. I used to upload full size jpg's. Other photographers I know, when I check their uploads, they are in the 50 - 60 MB + open files range, and a quick sample of recent live news uploads noted the smallest being 24 MB, others 34 MB - 60MB +. Moments ago I did an interesting comparison of my D750 open file sizes against the actual file sizes as below. RAW SIZE LONGEST SIDE PIXELS OPEN SIZE JPEG QUALITY JPEG FILE SIZE LONGEST SIDE PRINTED 300DPI 32.3 MB 6016 69.1 MB 12 17.5 MB 20" 32.3 MB 4000 30.6 MB 12 7.9 MB 13.3" 32.3 MB 3000 17.2 MB 12 4.7 MB 10" 32.3 MB 2850 15.5 MB 12 4.2 MB 9.5" 32.3 MB 2850 15.5 MB 10 1.6 MB 9.5" I now reduce my uploads to 4000 pixels longest side, and they upload lots faster via my phone hot spot. They also have the ability to be printed a reasonable size at 300 dpi, although overkill for the web and I guess newsprint. I maintain jpeg quality 12 as Alamy asks for “Images of the highest quality possible”. I suspect there is very little visible difference in quality between quality 10 and 12, but 10 certainly reduces the actual file size. What file sizes and jpeg quality do others uploading to live news use? Do full size jpg's have any advantage at all, as it's a common occurrence? Steve
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