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  1. Hello I have been using Pentax SLR APSC cameras for years. I used to sell 5-8 pics per year here on Alamy. A couple of years ago I bought MFT Lumix GM5 (as a second camera). The pics pass the QC with no problems but after these two years I realized I didn't sell a single Lumix GM5 pic.
  2. iQ license - 'single issue'

    Hi there, I had an image licensed last year with the following terms: "Usage: iQ sale: Magazine, Editorial print and digital use. Any size. Any Placement. Repeat use within a single issue." I don't understand what the term 'single issue' refers to. Is that 'within a single issue' of the licence? Or 'within a single issue' of a publication? Thanks for any help. Bob
  3. I have been looking at my sales and notice the following sales detail seems to be on the increase. Country: Worldwide Usage: iQ sale: Magazine, Editorial print and digital use. Repeat use. Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Start: 05 August 2015 End: 05 August 2020 I realise we hand our image over to Alamy and agree that they are able to negotiate prices etc etc... I also recognise that the market is very difficult and prices reflect this BUT we mark our images as RM for a reason over RF and I can't help but feel that this is RF by the back door. Yes it has a 5 year term but the wording "Repeat Use" basically means its a 5 year RF license ... Maybe we need an iQ opt-out the same as Novel Use, Distribution etc..... I'm not saying I would opt out but it does need a great deal of thought..... Your Thoughts?
  4. I just sold an image. Under details it says: "Usage: iQ sale: Magazine" What does iQ stand for? I suppose it´s not the name of the magazine
  5. iQ buyer

    Assuming it's the same client, does anyone know who the iQ "Media, design & publishing" buyer who seems to have been spending money recently, might be? Rgds, Richard.