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  1. Hello from Saudi Arabia

    Hey there guys! I'm Adeeb Mohammed. I'm an Indian living in Saudi Arabia..So i travel to both places frequently, which means i get to take pictures of the thick evergreen forests of India, as well as the dry barren beautiful deserts of Arabia. Wish me luck! Here's my Instagram: @adeeebu
  2. Hola! from Ecuador

    Hola! I've been adding photos like a mad woman the last couple of weeks and am up to 46 in my collection with many more to come. And I think I've figured out search terms as 5 photos have shown up in views! Hurray for small victories! I'm curious, do many of you post keywords in two languages? Currently, the vast majority of my photos are from Ecuador as that is my current home. Since Quito was once again selected as one of the top tour destinations in South America (and the world), I hope to capture some of the increased interested in travel and tourism to this beautiful country. It is so much more than the Galapagos... and that place alone is wonderful. I would also appreciate any feedback on the concept pseudonyms - do you use them and if so, why? If you have specifically chosen not to, do you think it has hurt your CTR rating? Looking forward to productive sales in micro-stock photography, Angie