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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone, I've just spent (what for me is) a small fortune on a new camera and lenses. I thought it would be prudent to insure them because I've, ahem, kind of thrown a camera across a football pitch in the past! And this is where the fun begins. I'm mostly living in Austria these days and insurance companies here just generally don't want to know. They're not really into speciality insurance - small market and all that. I did get one quote for €470 per year for an insured value of €6,000. Includes theft, accidental damage and replacement with the new cost, not used. It seems s
  2. Hello and Happy Christmas everyone, hope you've all had a good year on Alamy. I had a nasty experience in November when thieves using a key scanner opened my car and stole £20,000 of kit. I recovered £6000 of Elinchrom lights a few days later, dumped as they could figure out what they were or where to sell them I guess, but they still have a D5, D800, 4 lenses, some speedlights, filters, cards and batteries - basically the kind of kit it takes 20 years to collect. I was obviously shocked and distraught but at least, I thought, Im insured so I can get back to work soon. So I called Towe
  3. Just to give a big note of thanks to Glover and Howe , insurers... D4 totalled by wave Saturday 2 Nov Sent to Fixation Monday 4 Nov Arrive Fixation 5 Nov Fixation assess as beyond repair 7 Nov 2pm Glover and Howe authorise replacement 7 Nov 3pm km
  4. There was a lot of , er, healthy debate , on the old forum about the need for camera insurance.... This link may be of interest... http://petapixel.com/2013/06/25/how-to-protect-yourself-against-camera-gear-theft-as-a-photographer/ km
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