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Found 2 results

  1. I'm at a loss trying to calculate a price quote - I thought I would tap into the collective forum genius for some help... An educational book publisher wants to use one of my images as a two-page spread for a chapter heading. Their requested terms are: Non-exclusive Term: In Perpetuity Includes: Any new editions/revisions, all media (including later use in DVD, or video) Any derivative works. They haven't specified an initial print run, but since they're wanting rights forever, I'm not sure the initial print total is vital to my calculation. Essentially, this is an RF type license request. I've attempted use of the Alamy calculator and came up with pricing from $460-$1850. Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome! Brian
  2. I like uploading to the news feed. I'm somewhat addicted to searching out danger in some way. I see bad weather I want to go to it (Not just bad weather right enough). However, I'm not as good as the epic guys and gals risking their lives to get great shots. One thing of late has been bugging me about the whole process. You upload the pics They sit on the site You periodically check on the usage They pass by and go into the stock pile You like your wounds and demand better of yourself next time Surely in this age of rapid communication, can we not expect that if an image or two is used from the news feed, we can expect to even just be alerted to the fact? instead of us constantly searching on-line to see what publication has used them?if any. It feels like a limbo. Sure there's the "Have you seen any photographs" thread, however, while that's an absolutely invaluable service and I applaud the folk for the research, should it really be up to us to constantly search for image use? A simple flag notification service to alert us that an image has been used would be so helpful. We don't need to see the actual report of who used it, or how much for, but a simple note to say it was used would be a nice touch. Even a wee email or something would suffice. I just think that little detail of being notified is missing, and wonder why it hasn't been brought up before? Paul
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