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  1. I have been trying to grapple with the decline in performance of my portfolio. If I had the information I need I would edit it hard and monitor the performance of my portfolio going forward. It would also inform my future shoots and uploads. What I need is a way of seeing how individual images are performing. How many views, zooms, adds to lightbox has each image had since it was uploaded/ in a selected period? Happy to take it as a monthly download (after getting initial history) and maintain the database on my own computers for detailed analysis. It would be useful to also take a download of image-keywords to extend the statistical analysis. I suspect a good chunk of my portfolio has never even been viewed in many years and might be better deleted unless it is a strong image/message in a true niche. Measures does not give me that information. In these days of Big Data it is what I, and I suspect many others, need to refine our offering on Alamy, to make our portfolio more commercial. As a short term alternative it would also be useful if we were able to take images off sale without deleting them. That way we could park images we suspect may not be helping, we could then delete them if appropriate or return them to sale if they turn out not to be the problem. Anyone else?
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