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Found 3 results

  1. I see many HDR images for sale in nature and landscape collections and was wondering if these images sell well? I personally don't enjoy HDR images in media such as Outdoor magazines for example, where a natural, more true to life image is more appealing but I have seen them in these types of magazines from time to time. If you are a landscape photographer and you have an extensive HDR portfolio, are you limiting your sale options?
  2. World Press Photo winner Paul Hansen defends use of software that led to dramatically lit shot What are your thoughts on this one?
  3. It's been a while since I visited the forum very much so excuse me if this has been discussed to death. Way back when, I had Alamy QC reject a batch because QC felt the image had been over manipulated. In fact, it hadn't been manipulated at all, it was a fish-eye image. These days, I do a lot of HDR, a few of the over-the-top sort but mostly to provide contrast enhancement. On websites like Pixoto, where images are voted on, HDR images win top placement in just about all categories. These days, when I do a search of HDR images on Alamy, I see some awful HDR images, many with prominent halos. So here are my questions: Has Alamy QC completely stepped away from judging images as over-manipulated ? Do you upload HDR ? Do HDR images sell on Alamy ? What degree of processing are you using ? What is your experience with Alamy QC and HDR ? I have a large library of mostly HDR'd images, including B&W. It seems a waste to share them for free. Thanks in advance Charles [ To get an idea of what I mean about pixoto, you can see my, mostly HDR, images here: http://www.pixoto.com/charles.lupica ]
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