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Found 3 results

  1. I've been searching alamy for grainy gritty B&W food images and basically there don't seem to be any. Actually it does look like dirty gritty (authentic) photography might be outlawed; and I thought 'authenticity' was in for 2020. Maybe I'm conflating authenticity with the wrong things! What I am wondering is should I risk a [REJECTED] knockback as a still very new member with thousands of fully edited photographs ready to go. Or should I try and push the envelope a bit. I'm aware the image border is a no-no but these were already edited in that manner (which I like..) Perhaps no-one wants pictures like this or maybe pictures like this are simply not available.. I would hate to get an upload [REJECTED] over images like this. I have a lot of shots but I'd like to mix it up too. Has anyone experience of successfully submitting this kind of imagery. My first knockback was a neon street scene with the Eiffel tower (noise, indistinct subject!!!! and something else) so i'm a bit paranoid now about my own taste. I know stocks different, though i can't understand why. Cheers, Kent.
  2. Hello everybody ! Does somebody know the name of this Mexican food? It can be biscuits or bread. Have a nice day. Young
  3. Hello everybody.😀 Please give me some advice on my portfolio. Especially I doubt CAPTIONS, when I do with my imperfect English. [I’m working on key-wording. ] And the technical advice ,,, research stuffs etc. I’m a stock photographer type. https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/649375.html Thank you.
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