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Found 4 results

  1. How does alamy QC determine if a photo os "in focus"? I'm somewhat new to making higher quality photos, however, I am familiar with photography in the general sense. I also know that a photographer can make a photo unique by putting the plane of focus through one object, or another in the same frame. (e.g. focusing the background or the immediate foreground instead of the main subject.) In my test submissions I have received failures for being "out-of-focus" when there is indeed an object in the plane of focus. How does the QC team know what I am trying to focus on in the photograph?
  2. I have a pic I took under an open tent of a Polka band (call themselves an "oompah" band). I made a mistake in not shifting to a higher ISO (was shooting in default 100 ISO) when I went under the tent, and took some shots at 1/30 sec. The parts of the image that were not moving are in fine focus, but there were two couples dancing whose heads are just soft (they're arms are clearly blurred from motion). They would be considered the main subject, imo. I know that without seeing the image it's hard to make a call, but my question is: would Alamy be inclined to accept the pic with
  3. I've been using a D3300 for news photography for a while and been extremely happy with the results. Yesterday, however, it started to produce double or ghost images. I've tried different lenses, with or without VR and single / multiple exposures and it seems to appear randomly on over 50% of the images. Here is link to one - it is the third in a series taken with rapid mutliple exposures. The one before was not quite as bad and the next one was fine. Any ideas what's going on? It must be the camera, not the lens. Thanks in advance http://pjrfoto.com/PRIVATE.htm
  4. One thing I really struggle with when submitting photos is selective focus/larger aperture/bokeh. It seems as if I often see how the photos should be sharp everywhere, and a small enough aperture should be used to ensure that this is so, but there are times I think it adds to the photo. For example, here is a shot I took this morning (not sure I would submit this, but it is a good example): Would a photo like this likely be rejected based upon the selective focus? I ask this today because I have encountered another image on Alamy that seems to have nothing in focus. Truth is,
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