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  1. Flower id please

    Hi, Could anyone please identify what this yellow flower is - Thanks !!
  2. Flower ID Help please

    Hello everybody, I always read the forum and it's very helpful for me! This is my first post and it's to ask for a big favor... Can anyone help me to identify these flowers? The second looks similar to salvia, but I'm not sure, the head looks strange to me Thank you very much!!
  3. I researched this extensively but cannot be sure if this is winged loosestrife (Lythrum alatum), which is native to the Narragansett, Rhode Island coastal area where I took this photograph, or purple loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria) an invasive plant that has taken over many areas where native wildflowers grow. I've gone with Lythrum sp. to be safe, but wondering if any of you can id it? Thanks! Spellcheck keeps wanting to call it Lythrum alarm!
  4. Calling all botanists and gardeners -I need help at a bush with tiny pink flowers (different from the last one). This one was spotted in a community garden in Greater Vancouver, earlier this month. I've done image searches, but keep getting lilacs. The flowers aren't like lilacs in that they have long protruding stamens. Thanks for any suggestions. Maria