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  1. Hi, I'm trying to upload images, but I cannot save images to their uncompressed state (above 17mb). I have JPEG files that are 6mb+ and when in Photoshop, they're about 45mb. But I cannot seem to save them as this uncompressed size? I have Adobe CS6 - I've seen posts about 'Save for Web' or 'legacy' but when I try this, the images only go upto 8MB. .tiff files are the correct size, but I can't upload them Please can I have some help, I'd love to upload images Cheers
  2. I`m not able to get the JPG file size of 17 MB. Camera: FUJI X-T1 Original RAW - file size: 33,7 MB Exported as TIFF 300dpi - file size: 42,8 MB Save as JPG 300dpi (compression at highest Quality 100% or Level 12): 11 MB I tried both Capture One Pro and Photoshop - same results in 11 MB. So how can I export my RAW-Files to get the "minimum 17 MB" condition?
  3. I tried finding this info, but no luck. Hope someone will come along and offer their knowledge. I would like to know what size file a customer receives when they download a RF image for the option of personal use, newsletters, website, marketing etc. And also does Alamy collect payment before the download? Many thanks for your input. Sharon
  4. In another thread Julie Edwards commented "If you are using Live News, Picture desks will not be happy with files over 5MB.. Most press photographers send files in that are between (just under) 1MB and 2MB.." This is something that I give regular thought to, what is the optimum file size for live news that will also possibly later sell as stock? A friend of mine who unfortunately passed away earlier this year used work shifts for Newsquest shooting sport. I know he used to upload quite small files, far smaller files than I do, and shoot jpeg, while I shoot 14 bit RAW. He had a brief based upo
  5. I created a high quality DNG panoramic images from about 7 vertical Raw full frame images on a D750 with a 50 mm lens. The process took about an hour to make the panoramic (and frustratingly slowed down my whole pc, including internet during the time) When I zoom into the panoramic, which was really good, the detail was exceptional. I then exported to a Jpeg at my usual 11 megapixels with "resize to fit" and "don't enlarge" checked. When I zoom into the Jpeg the quality is quite fuzzy at over 100%, nowhere near the sharpness of the DNG render. As I am new to making LR panoramics, c
  6. Newish to Alamy so needed some advice Although I joined a few years ago only posted a few photos then not used this site for a few years. I am having issues with Processing the images I download and then fill in all the relevant information on the right...after that it seems to take an age while i just see the 'processing' screen and nothing happens What am i doing wrong?
  7. Hello, Apologies, I've found similar threads to this, it seems to be a common problem but I can't find a solution to mine! I shoot in RAW on a Nikon D5100 - this gives me RAW files between 15 - 18mb. On the D5100, if you shoot in RAW, you cannot choose the "size" of the image - i've looked to increase resolution but I can't find any other settings on the camera (and I assumed RAW files between 15-18mb would be big enough) When I try process in CS5 and save as JPEG, some of the images just aren't big enough. I've tried to blow up the image and this doesn't always increase the file si
  8. Currently Alamy minimum file size requirement is 17MB JPEGs, but I was wondering what happens to photos made from lower res cameras from a few years back. About 10-15 years ago, the top of the line Nikon (The D1H, which was a 2.7MB camera) produced a 7MB JPEG file. Just wondering what happens to all those older images that fall below the current requirement? My current camera gives me a 45MB file, well over the minimum required file size but I would like to keep future images competitive and "on the market" as long as possible. Today, Nikon's D810 is a 36M camera and I believe the latest
  9. Hi I'm new to Alamy having sold work through exhibitions, retail outlets and print requests for a number of years. I am finally getting round to putting up a different selection of my images here, however, I have to admit I am feeling very apprehensive about submitting that first test batch of images that undergoes close scrutiny. There are two areas I am mainly concerned with: Sharpening - this seems to be quite an issue and having searched the forums here and on google there seems to be two trains of thought...a) that absolutely no sharpening is allowed by Alamy or that it is output
  10. As a relative newcomer I'm getting a bit confused about the file size requirements and would appreciate a bit of advice please. I know it's a requirement to submit JPEGS with an uncompressed file size of 17MB and based on that I had assumed that my old Nikon D300 images wouldn't be suitable as these tend to produce RAW images of around 9-10MB (I'm not talking not MPixels which for that camera is 12). But I notice it is on the list of recommended cameras. So as an example, I exported (from Lightroom) a D300 RAW image that was showing at 9.63MB in Lightroom and that produced a JPEG of just o
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