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  1. Just thought I should bring this latest idea could easily become reality from the EU. While everyone is still buzzing about GDPR enough to be aware that sometimes big bureaucracies and multi governments can do some really really bad things - hopefully unintentionally but results are the same. This little bit of legislation could make GDPR look as dangerous as a newborn kitten. For instance the removal of just about all fair use rules on copyright. Making platforms liable for copyright infringement by users. Having to pay to link to copyrighted material. I will repeat that one. Having to PAY to LINK to stuff. So the BBC puts out a story about a photographer. You want to discuss it on this forum. You - or Alamy - have to pay money to tell people what you are talking about. A fair few other nasty bits as well. Now I admit on first glance with skim reading it is tempting to see the good bits - ie it will be much much much easier to catch anyone nicking your images. Its when you stop and think you start spotting the teeth. In order to be allowed to show the picture, you will have to own the rights to absolutely everything in the image (or have bought them). Clothing, accessories, brand names everything will be assumed to be copyrighted and will not be allowed to be displayed unless the displayer has all relevant permissions (and no fair use) There is a tendency to shrug here - but it will in a stroke destroy the stock industry including Alamy. All news footage will be a no-no unless employed by a big mainstream provider who can afford the licencing. Editorial use photos will be out. Believe it or not (and I am struggling as the one writing) this post by me is not as hysterical as a lot of the stuff being shared about this new legislation. I know from reading the forums there are several posters who actually go and read the actual texts. I strongly suggest people at least go and look this stuff up to see what is being said about it as this could be real trouble.
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