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Found 4 results

  1. Hi I've submitted my first 3 images, and fair play to Alamy they did QC them pretty quickly. However they have all been rejected due to: Soft or lacking definition, Noise and Digital camera not suitable for Alamy. Now I have a Pentax DSLR with a APS-C sensor at 6.1MP - according to what I've read on here this should be OK? My question is, is it my camera or were my shots just no good, and do I need to scrub up on checking myself at 100%? I am now frozen for 10 days. Thanks in advance John.
  2. I uploaded some photos the other week it just came through and said failed QC and gave me the reasons why but i tried uploading again and failed QC again but it didn't give any reasons why was this just an error?is there a way to resolve this?
  3. Hi I am struggling. For some years now I have submitted images to Alamy. I have taken the pictures with the same camera, Canon 450d, and over the years I have a very mixed response regarding acceptance. Generally the failed QC is based on 'too soft' but those that are accepted don't appear to me to be better than those that aren't, even at 100%. I have just seen a post suggesting the writerhas had 3000 images accepted, What am I doing wrong. I don't sarpen because that is what the advice says, and yet other advice elsewhere says sharpen because digital is not as sharp as film?! Wh
  4. Just when things were going so well... I've put off uploading new images since early December to avoid annoying holiday delays and overworked QC reviewers but I finally prodded myself into starting up again. So Sunday and Monday I uploaded approximately 50 images in three smallish batches, all as clean and sharp as I've ever uploaded. I was so proud of myself. I was running late when I rushed to upload the last batch of eight images and decided to throw in an "experimental" image that I hoped would qualify as Creative. Unfortunately I somehow picked up an earlier draft of the image by
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