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Found 10 results

  1. I've been using David Anderson's Alamy File Size Checker for a long time now. A very useful final check before uploading 'rogue' files. For the first time I have a 'Fail' report on an image. The Bold/Underlined figure is in the Comp MB Column. The previous figure 57.11 is in the Size MB column. Any suggestions as to why this is showing fail? John 2018-10-0260-Sussex Prairie Garden,Henfield,Sussex,England.jpg 57.11 26.27 5472 x 3648 Adobe RGB (1998) Failed
  2. Not a happy day for all concerned !! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5410109/Furious-couple-sue-wedding-photographer.html
  3. I am fairly new to Alamy. I need to understand the consequences of failing QC. I have 329 images now and never failed until fairly recently. Then I was warned by someone on a FB forum that too many failures can result in permant banning from Alamy. I thought they were consecutive failures, but I had quite a few good uploads and then was failed for uploading a cellphone photo which had been accepted by at least three other agencies. I didn't realize they weren't allowed on Alamy. My account was frozen for 12 days. I have had two good uploads since then, but I currently only have a one star rat
  4. I read with interest the thread started by efk11, because I too have been blacklisted too. My last QC failure was on 1st February 2016. Since the new AIM came in I have always had 3* QC rating. Since my last failure, I have made 191 uploads totalling 2406 passed images. Now I have 1* QC rating and a ten day ban. Now the interesting bit, what failed? An image from “Digital Camera not suitable for Alamy” The camera in question is a Sony RX100iii. I will no longer use it, or its big brother the RX10 fo
  5. This photo taken down at the Albert Dock, Liverpool last week was rejected for being soft or lacking detail. Doesn't look too bad to my eyes. Taken with a Sony Nex 3N. Camera resting on a 'bean bag' screwed into base of camera, f6.3, 1.3. sec exp, ISO 400. What do you guys think please ? https://www.flickr.com/photos/liverpix/36574580635/in/album-72157685113064103/
  6. Just noted this on the Alamy Twitter feed: We've added a new #QC failure reason called 'no metadata' - for your first submission we need all images to contain valid #camera data.
  7. I did my first submission a few days ago and have got no email response. When I look in image manager my photos appear under the 'failed' filter but does not give reasons. I tried to submit some different ones but it doesn't let me, saying they are still checking the original ones, but I have got no email from them at all Any explanation would be appreciated. Should I have got an email yet?
  8. Why do Alamy fail the whole set of images if only one was or two were bad and the rest technically sound. Doesn't make sense to me. Say you submit 20 images, only 2 were bad, why not reject 2 and accept the other good ones ?
  9. Hi All ... I am new here ... And uploaded a photo at first ... then uploaded more 4 at once ... after some days ... alamy QC failed ... This is the email alamy sent : We sent this automatically so there's no one here to reply. Hello Motasem Unfortunately, your test submission (Media Reference OL3177735, OL3177497) has failed. We found the following errors: Filename Rejection reason gaza-fisher-man-...oat-IMG_ 3849.JPG Number of images We need 4 images to pass our initial quality check before you can submit more. All images must meet our guideli
  10. I've had a fujifilm x100s for a few months. Hoping it would prove a useful 'carry round' camera that I would be able to use to submit to alamy. My first submissions got through Alamy QC with no problem but my last few have all failed for 'Newtons rings or interference patterns' due to the existence of a very fine grid when viewing at 100%. This grid seems present on all images, even those that passed QC. Here is a 100% segment that shows the grid: I would very much appreciate any advice from anyone. Thanks, Papa.
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