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Found 4 results

  1. My first QC fail for ages has left me puzzled. The fail reason is noise, but the shot was taken with an approved DSLR, ISO 200, bright sunshine... everything optimum. And for the life of me, I can't see what they're objecting to. I replied to Submissions for clarification more than two weeks ago, but they haven't replied. Is the QC team refusing to get into this sort of discussion? I have suspended uploads until I hear from them because I'm concerned that they've raised the QC bar.
  2. I've been using David Anderson's Alamy File Size Checker for a long time now. A very useful final check before uploading 'rogue' files. For the first time I have a 'Fail' report on an image. The Bold/Underlined figure is in the Comp MB Column. The previous figure 57.11 is in the Size MB column. Any suggestions as to why this is showing fail? John 2018-10-0260-Sussex Prairie Garden,Henfield,Sussex,England.jpg 57.11 26.27 5472 x 3648 Adobe RGB (1998) Failed
  3. Not a happy day for all concerned !! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5410109/Furious-couple-sue-wedding-photographer.html
  4. I am fairly new to Alamy. I need to understand the consequences of failing QC. I have 329 images now and never failed until fairly recently. Then I was warned by someone on a FB forum that too many failures can result in permant banning from Alamy. I thought they were consecutive failures, but I had quite a few good uploads and then was failed for uploading a cellphone photo which had been accepted by at least three other agencies. I didn't realize they weren't allowed on Alamy. My account was frozen for 12 days. I have had two good uploads since then, but I currently only have a one star rating. My question is, if I have occasional failures as I learn the ways Alamy is different from other agencies, do I risk being permantely banned? Will I be banned the next time I have a failure (hopefully never, but I didn't anticipate the last two either)? I am putting in a lot of work keywording and optimizing my images on Alamy and I am afraid of putting in that much time and effort if I am risking bannishment. I very much want to work with this agency. I just need to understand the QC system better. What happens if you have multiple nonconsecutive QC failures? Thanks for any advice.
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