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  1. Following advice from helpful photographers on Alamy forum. (Previous threadhttps://discussion.alamy.com/topic/10382-photoshop-cs6-nik-collection-high-sierra/?tab=comments#comment-185792) Slowly I carried out what I had to do before I am ready to update to OS High Sierra as below. (I am currently running OS Sierra.) I purchased a SSD external drive. I formatted the external drive for iMac. I installed 'macOS Sierra' on this external drive. I went to through usual set up process. I reiterate that the only reason why I am doing this is that, even after I update to OS High Sierra or later on to Mojave, etc, I would like to be able to use certain applications, which might work only under macOS Sierra environment. Also it is a part of process of moving towards Adobe CC subscription (eventually but very slowly). When my iMac was rebooted from this SSD drive (macOS Sierra installed), it looks as if I have a brand new machine, ie, everything is at factory default with no files but only with Apple's bundled applications. My questions are:- Do I now have to go through 'migration process' to copy applications from the Macintosh HD to the SSD external drive? Is it possible at all when they are not actually two separate mac machines? When you migrate, does it copy application files or does it physically move files? Is it better to reinstall applications? If I reinstall applications, where are they installed? In the SSDdrive? I only need 4-5 applications in OS Sierra environment. Is there a better way? Given that I am not a techie, I hope my questions don't sound daft. One might say why not try and see what happens, but I am worried that I might mess things up completely. I look forward to your advice, suggestions and experiences. Many thanks Sung
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