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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I am new to all this, trying to upload JPEGS (3 to start with) trouble is a message comes up in the box saying no EXIF data. I have tried to add metadata via adobe bridge, and it still says no exif data. I have added my name, address, copyright act to my images, my question is, what exactly in data wise, do my images need to be accepted first time round, thanks in advance.
  2. Having difficulty with first three photo uploads. I've read the information from Alamy regarding technical specifications and QC. My experienced technical team created image files to these specifications, with EXIF and metadata in the file names, but we keep getting the message that the EXIF information must be present. We're stumped. Can anyone offer suggestions? Thank you!
  3. A quick question, when I upload to Alamy I usually don't remove the copyright field in the EXIF data. Is this stripped from the images when they are purchased? I can think of a few privacy issues that may cause if someone was able to get hold of it (say if you were photographing a sensitive subject). It hadn't really crossed my mind previously but was something I wanted to confirm. Thanks, James
  4. Hello, everyone! I am new to Alamy and have enjoyed viewing others work on the site. My question relates to the EXIF data on the first batch of photos that I had uploaded. My camera evidently reverted back to an early date when I removed the battery and I did not notice until after the photos were uploaded and passed QC. The date is relevant due to the content of the photos. I changed the date in the description on the Alamy site, but here is my question -- should I delete and reupload the photos with a corrected EXIF date? I am going to correct it in the originals anyway
  5. Certainly very few of us if any wish to spend our time sitting in front of the computer instead of the camera. One thing that came to mind discussing a different topic is duplication of effort. Wouldn't it be cool if, by adding appropriate keywords in Lightroom, Photoshop (or some other non-Adobe product we will be using when they start their "Creative Cloud" subscription model) info could end up in the right fields in Alamy Manage Images?! Say while you were spotting your images you could count the number of people, then add 3:people to keywords and that data would get picked up and i
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