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Found 3 results

  1. Any Excel guru's here? Can anyone see the flaw in this formula as it gives me an error. =IF(ROW(B1)>COUNTA(B:B)*COUNTA(D:D),””,LOWER(INDEX(B:B,IF(MOD(ROW(B1),COUNTA(D:D))=0,ROW(B1)/COUNTA(D:D),INT(ROW(B1)/COUNTA(D:D))+1)))&” “&LOWER(INDEX(D:D,IF(MOD(ROW(B1),COUNTA(D:D))=0,COUNTA(D:D),MOD(ROW(D1),COUNTA(D:D)))))) Thanks
  2. Just before I ask MS to provide this, there doesn't appear to be an option to download sales (either all or some) into a spreadsheet - just as you can with Pseudo Summery that appears in another format. But it would be helpful as I want to compare/analyse sales trends from my other agency. Thanks, Richard.
  3. Hi Alamy, We regularly download sales data from Net revenue each month. This month's data (April) contains a formatting bug whereby the HuffPost sales have some extra reported licence information text entered in the "Total Sale" & "Total Deduction" fields. i.e. the actual sales and deduction numbers are shifted two columns to the right which causes all succesive columns to be shifted two places to the right! No great problem, just a cut and paste job to get it back to normal but it will cause errors in automated accounting systems if people are used to just cut and pasting it in place. J
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