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  1. I was thinking about fine art photography, large prints and medium format at the weekend. Then it struck me, MF mirrorless could be the way to go for several sound technical reasons: Gets rid of the huge mirror box and the vibrations from a big mirror. So the camera could be much more compact, easier to lay out and lighter. Would get away with a lighter tripod as well. MF not usually used for high-speed action photography, so AF speed and and EVF would be less of an issue. Especially if EVF was high resolution and fast as with the Fuji X-T1. Few are faster than 1-2 frames per second. Manual focus with focus peaking and other aids such as magnification is easier on a bright EVF than a dim glass screen In the studio many MFD cameras are used tethered with a big EVF - a laptop screen. I love the idea of 50+MP MF camera smaller than a Mamiya 7 with AF especially if it had that undefinable "something" (micro-contrast?) that Leica and Fuji seem to have. If Phase One were to do it they would have access to all the lenses they use with their AFD and the old Mamiya AFD cameras - including a huge pool of manual focus lenses from the Mamiya 645. (and Fuji have GX680 lenses (not so many around) and designs from their MF compacts) Apart from cost (and the Pentax MF is not much more expensive than top end FF Canon/Nikon) I don't see any real downsides. The only problem is that the MF market is tiny so thge budget for RE&D will be limited. From a conversation with a pro dealer in the UK the market was probably only a few thousand cameras a year. Which is why Hasselblad has been financially tight for many years and no one else has entered the market, Pentax had a low key launch of their "new" camera. Just a thought. Could it cause a resurgence in enthusiast/semi-pro MF like we saw with 645 introduction? Just noticed David K suggested something similar in Cameracraft No 7. I don't recall reading it at the time but ...
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