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Found 3 results

  1. With the introduction of the optional 'editorial only' box I went for it across all images earlier this year. Since then I have seen a measurable reduction in sales. I suspect that images were previously sold for commercial purposes despite me showning no releases for people or property. Basically I do not want any problems with my images being sold for commercial purposes in case anyone objects and a court case or other claims are launched. I actually do not care what they are used for as long as I don't get into trouble as a result thereof. Although I am behind first the user and then Alamy I suspect they will try and pass the buck to me if the 'editorial use' box has not been ticked. Anyone with the same issue and how are you handling it? I would be keen to know. On the one hand I want to maximise sales, but not at the risk og being sued. I am an amateur without insurance for these kinds of problems.
  2. Although I have been a contributor since 2006, I have onty recently started submitting in earnest. As a matter of principle (or perhaps lazyness) I do not obtain model or property releases. Here are some questions:- I set up my default, some months ago, as RM. I cannot find out in 'My Alamy' where I did that. I am probably being stupid, but any advice about where I set up that default would be welcome. Having set up RM as my default, at the same time I also set up my default as 'Editorial Use Only'. Like question 1 above, I cannot find where I set that up, and in particular I wish to check I set it up correctly, as I remember it was a complex, with a number of restrictions for different countries and territories. When I upload images, because of the defaults I set up, I assume that they will all be set to default 'RM' and 'Editorial Use Only' and for most of my images, that will be fine. However, I have started reviewing my uploaded images during the 'Manage Images' stage, and changing 'RM' to 'RF', where I think no Model or Property Release is required. In general terms, is that I good idea to maximise my sales? By changing images from 'RM' to 'RF' will that then remove 'Editorial Use Only', as 'Editorial Use Only' cannot be associated with 'RF' images? Many thanks
  3. I'm a newbie and want to make sure I understand the "Editorial Use Only" designation. Does this mean that the photograph can depict people and private property that I don't have releases for? What limitations do I have? What customers buy "Editorial Use Only" photos? Am I severely limiting my chances of selling if most of my photos are "Editorial Use Only"?
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