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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, I would like to get advice from a professional photographer, if possible, about what is the best DSLR camera to use in your experience, which one should I buy for selling images through Alamy? I plan to take snapshots of still imagery (I believe that is what is called), in other words, only for still shots. I want to get different views on how you guys utilize various cameras, so that then I can weigh in the best possible answer. Thank you :)
  2. At the weekend I experimented with shooting a couple of sports events with my Fuji X-T1 and 55-200mm. The archery was OK but I did not have the reach (I did not have accreditation to go inside the competition area) but was poor to hopeless shooting powerboats. I used the morning practice sessions for just, to try the Fuji with the 55-200mm and with a MF Tamron 300mm f2.8 (and 1.4x & 2x converters). The latter works but I would have to work on my manual focus technique again, it also has significant purple fringing around highlights - a lot of that in the spray of powerboating. So it could not use the JPEG as is for news purposes (needs timely submission) The Fuji 55-200mm hit rate (for focus) was about 60- 70% and very much less when clouds came over and it went dark and the lighting went flat. At the archery I noticed the lens hunting slowly for focus and I wondered whether it was the battery getting tired as I changed it about the same time. The following day at the powerboats the lens was its usual self until dark cloud came over and it became unusably slow for all but static subjects. So I rediscovered the pleasure of working with a top end DSLR. My 1Ds3 (not snappiest Canon for AF) came out for the first time for months and my hit rate (for focus) was 90+% even when the light was poor; I had forgotten just how snappy AF can be, it is making me think about my equipment strategy. The weight was not too much of an issue as I did not have to carry it very often, to and from the shore and occasionally to new positions but for travel it is too bulky and heavy. I am grateful the way the Fuji has reinvigorated my photography. I am now wondering whether to just use the Fuji for travel (we will be doing quite a bit next year) and for the more relaxed out and about stuff and undemanding news coverage, To that end I will try the 18-135mm and if I am happy with it I am thinking I might sell the 18-55 and 55-200 to downsize to the X-T1, 10-24mm and 18-135mm which will cover my travel needs (well 98%). Then I can rationalise my Canon kit and extend my lens coverage at the long end (probably with 100-400mm) and perhaps a new body. I would love a 1Dx but is expensive and even heavier/bigger than my 1Ds but has better high ISO performance (main issue with the 1Ds). The iminent new 7D may be the answer especially if it is APS-C equivalent of the FF 1DX. Call me fickle if you wish but I am not falling out of love with the Fuji, I just love both for different reasons. Is photographic polygamy permitted?
  3. I would like to submit, to the main Alamy Stock site, some images shot and processed in the Stockimoto style using regular cameras and Photoshop . But the images, heavily altered in Photoshop, would probably fail Alamy QC. I understand the reasoning for a separate Stockimoto Brand, and I understand the reason for high quality for most Alamy Brand images. However I think the Alamy Brand may be missing an opportunity on some hot style images, with the present QC situation.
  4. If you don't believe the dslr is obsolescent even for professional use and will become a niche product like view cameras, medium format, film ... Think about this piece at Fuji Rumors
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