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Found 3 results

  1. I use Moment software and lenses on my iPhoneX and record solely in their RAW mode as a DNG file. The files vary with an average size of 12 mb. Resolution seems to go between 92 and 188. image size seems to average 2436x1828, which is 4,453 MP. All of these vary depending on the exact image. Will you consider these photos? Thank you very much for your time, rfripp oh, do you think you will ever accept video? if you do please accept vertical video; even if you offer it in landscape and leave it up to the purchaser to rotate in post.
  2. I ordered a X100S the other day and am waiting for delivery. I am aware that general opinions are the JPEGs straight out of this camera are very good. Certainly I am going to try and experiment with this camera. However my main workflow is to make images in RAW and to convert them to DNG when downloading by using Lightroom. Yesterday I came across a discussion on the internet (although it was an old thread) that someone was having problems with converting RAF to DNG. I use Lightroom 4.4 (version 10.9) and CS6 on OSX 10.94. Do you think I will have the similar problem? Or was
  3. Do any of you snappers covert your RAW files to DNG and how have you been getting on with it? I've been getting the odd CR2 file corrupting years or months after being saved to a hard drive and I believe DNG format may help prevent this as well as being more future proof and more compact (the .xmp data is stored in the .dng file and not as a separate file). Here is the article I read: http://photographyconcentrate.com/should-you-covert-dng/
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