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Found 6 results

  1. Just a reminder, I've just realised it's April, so I can opt out of Novel Use along with anyone else, (even though I didn't realise I'd signed up). I'm also in "Distribution" and "Image Options" I know distribution can be low, but has anyone any positive experiences, or any Territories or Countries that would be advisable to definitely opt out of. Image Options hasn't affected me yet, but Alamy says they will e-meil about this, so again if anyone has any advice on this for the rest of us, please let us know? ChrisC
  2. Has anybody found a way to see for each photo the amount it sold for the percentage and amount taken by Alamy the percentage and amount taken by any partner/distributor where applicable and thus calculate net income from each sale ? This was easily found in the past, but all I can see now is balance brought forward, total sales, (total) commissions/charges etc. So it is necessary to calculate and keep a manual tally of what income is resulting. Or am I overlooking something basic?
  3. Good news folks: I just had an email from "Alamy Infringements" checking on a possible illegal image use of a photo which is a good multiple seller. I confirmed it was only on Alamy with no direct licenses. This is the first email I've had of this type but maybe more will follow? Kathy
  4. Money. Revenue. Income. Funds. Moolah. Whatever you want to call it, we're yet to meet a stock photographer who isn't partial to making more of it... Read more...
  5. Is there a way to opt out entirely from the distribution scheme or can I only opt out of individual regions in April? When I click on distribution "out" on my Alamy dashboard page it take me to distribution info the with option to opt out of individual regions only. There is no info or option to opt out completely.
  6. Has anyone had any sales through Colourbox? I have just found one of my images on a website, credited to Alamy (Colourbox). I can't find the image on the Colourbox site and was very unhappy to see the flat rates they charge for image use. I wasn't aware that they were an Alamy distributor and am a bit confused that I can't find the image in question on their site. Maybe it's just a misprint.
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