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  1. I have some images uploaded, but not yet keyworded, from this outdoor installation in Boston: I am hesitating putting them on sale because I'm not sure if these are considered works of art that should only be submitted in wider context. One other photographer has images of these signs available on alamy. He has them marked royalty free, and NOT as property--but I wonder about that since the exhibition states they are on loan from the people who own them. That sounds like property to me.
  2. Display image problem?

    Can you guys see my image? DPD00T I see only blank stripe, no image at all... But when I click on the stripe I can see large zoom as usual. Some display error? Anyone else?
  3. I noticed today that some of the images I have uploaded to Alamy look darker than intended when I checked them in Lightroom. Although they looked fine initially, when viewed on the Alamy site from my iPad they appear much darker. I have been using the histogram to make sure exposures appear balanced and working on personal preference as to the appearance of the photographs, but if my display is incorrect it could all be in vain! I have carried out no calibration on my laptop yet and would appreciate any comments on my uploaded images. All criticism welcome Many Thanks Cameras: Nikon D7000 & Fuji X100T