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Found 16 results

  1. Hi! I'm a newbie here. How do you delete an image from your portfolio?
  2. I want to stop the sale of my photos and hide it from the Alamy website(temporarily), without removing its metadata (tags, caption, etc) or deleting the photos. Is this possible? or do i need to just delete them?
  3. I accidentally uploaded the same image twice. Being new to the system here on Alamy, my question is... Is it possible to delete an image after it has been uploaded? Thanks!
  4. I made a mistake and didn't mean to upload an image in a recent submission, and now cannot figure out how to delete it! HELP!!!
  5. I uploaded the same image twice, and want to delete one copy. Ican't see a way t do that. Any advice?
  6. I uploaded 51 images yesterday but they are still processing with grey boxes. I should have uploaded just a few at a time, I know, but I forgot. Now I am not sure what to do. In the past if I reuploaded, some of the orignal ones eventually came in and then I had two of some images, which is a mess. I wish I could just delete the ones I uploaded or clear them some way and start over. Should I just assume that those are forever stuck and re-upload, or just wait indefintely to see if they go away or something? When I did that before (yes, I should have learned my lesson)
  7. My account was recently unfrozen after having a submission fail QC. How do I delete the failed submissions? Thanks
  8. I've noticed that the Alamy algorithm seems to keep returning images that I have deleted IN PREFERENCE to images that are in my two main pseudonyms. I kind of understand that even though I have decided these photos shouldn't be sold, that Alamy still keeps them available for sale, and so e.g. a search for the Rijksmuseum might show 5 from my main pseudonym and 5 from the deleted images. But some search terms return only images that I have deleted, and none from the ones that I have decided are better. I can't believe that the algorithm can't be weighted towards those that I have chosen to s
  9. I started updating the keywords to the pictures of the previous years. In some cases, it is advisable to delete the entire set of key words to image. However, it is impossible to do this in the new Image Manager . Is it possible to use the old Image Manager in parallel? Are there other ways to resolve this issue? Thank you.
  10. I've got a major cull going on of my images and I'm wondering about the best and quickest way to do this. I've seen one recommendation to transfer all the ones I want to delete to a new pseudonym. This seems to make sense but is there any consensus on this? In the past I've removed all keywords and captions before I've hit the delete button, assuming that this would make the image invisible to searches. Removing keywords was easy, you could do it by lassoing, but removing tags has to be done one tag at a time and is very time consuming. I have at least a 1000 to delete. Is it en
  11. How do i withdraw all my accepted photographs from stockimo and delete my account. None have sold so shouldnt be an issue?
  12. FTP was playing up a few weeks ago so by mistake I uploaded 4 images twice. How do I delete them? I only have the option to keyword them so they are still sitting in my 'images not online' area. I know the answer will be obvious to everyone else but so far not to me! Thank you for your help!
  13. Hi all, i am wondering which is the purpose of deleting pictures from a portfolio. It seems apparently one could benefit from having less pictures so less views which could lead to a better CTR. In the scenario of too much views without consistent zooms, wouldn't be better to move bad performing pictures to a different pseudo instead of deleting them? Thanks in advance
  14. As a newbie, I admit I jumped into managing my submissions without reading any instructions. Sooooo, as a consequence I managed to upload some images into my releases area thinking that releases was an Alamy term for images and then wondered why there was no QC reference. They will never be used as model/property releases and are therefore just wasting space. I have searched Alamy, Google and this forum but cannot find a way to delete these redundant files. Can they be simply deleted? Thanks in advance for your responses.
  15. Hi, I decided to go exclusive on other site, I deleted all my accounts on other stock sites except Alamy, they say that I need to wait 45 days. Simple, I want to delete it now because I want to go exclusive on other site asap! I know about contract bla bla, that we agree with terms who say that need to wait 45 days BUT also support say that they have a right to sell image who we already sell here on site (they are still available to buyers who already bought it...something like that) ?! is this even legal ?! I also find some post on internet that some people who delete account on Alamy aft
  16. After trying really hard to review my images before uploading, I rushed a batch and as soon as I had hit the key I knew they would fail. Couldn't there be a way of accessing the batches to delete them before they get near QC? I'm now back in the sin bin again. Aaaaaargggghh!
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