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  1. Having uploaded thousands of photos, assuming that the 'Date Taken' under the Optional tab loaded the actual date taken from the photo metadata, I have discovered that it is not taking the correct date. During initial uploads the dates seemed to be correct. But now the dates are usually several years out - I have back checked and the correct date is retained in the image metadata. The only anomaly I can think of is that I use 'file info' templates in Photoshop and Bridge - and that Alamy is possibly taking the date that a template is created, which is very odd Otherwise, does an
  2. Thought this was interesting about the expiration of copyright. https://web.law.duke.edu/cspd/publicdomainday/2019/
  3. My latest submission just passed and I noticed that the "Date Taken" field is filled in with random dates, always with an earlier year. The incorrect date carries over to search results. Having that field auto-filled was a great convenience and having to correct it an unwelcome chore. Anyone else having this issue?
  4. My payment date has moved 3 times...1st, 2nd and now 3rd September...is it just because of the weekend? Would expect this to be all automated... Anyone suffering this?
  5. My payment date has moved 3 times...1st, 2nd and now 3rd September...is it just because of the weekend? Would expect this to be all automated... Anyone suffering this? Please ignore... duplication
  6. In case anyone else hasn't noticed, the uploaded images don't seem to pick up the `date taken' from the metadata. You have to input it manually (optional)
  7. Having problems with the date taken field in the new IM. With the old system I normally only entered the year for date taken. These still show up correctly in search results for "legacy images" & as January 1st in the IM. However, I can see no way to just enter the year for new submissions, also seems impossible to remove a date once entered. I would have thought this should be any easy problem to fix... In the meantime, any ideas on a workaround?
  8. Hello, everyone! I am new to Alamy and have enjoyed viewing others work on the site. My question relates to the EXIF data on the first batch of photos that I had uploaded. My camera evidently reverted back to an early date when I removed the battery and I did not notice until after the photos were uploaded and passed QC. The date is relevant due to the content of the photos. I changed the date in the description on the Alamy site, but here is my question -- should I delete and reupload the photos with a corrected EXIF date? I am going to correct it in the originals anyway
  9. My latest batch (the first since April) has come through with the Date taken fields filled in with the upload date. I've checked the files I sent and they are all date-stamped as normal. Other data has come through as normal. Tedious as at the very least I have to reduce them all to "Year only" or fill in correct date. I certainly don't want them posted with an incorrect date even it is of little relevance to purchasers. Has anyone else noticed this ?
  10. This morning I was doing some research. I wanted to see if anybody else on Alamy had uploaded photos of the new Exploratorium (sort of a kid oriented science museum) in San Francisco. It just moved and has been open in the new location for about a month or so. I uploaded a few a couple weeks ago. I was surprised to see only one photo, not mine when I searched Exploratorium by taken in the *last three months.* So I went in to Alamy manage images 2.4 and took a look at the date. I assumed that there would be no date at all in the field but instead it listed 19.09.2012. The actual date, as sh
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